List Windows Shares using PowerShell

A list of shares on a given Windows host can be created by:
Get-WmiObject Win32_Share

But the two shares "IPC$" og "ADMIN$" is not really interesting.
A more usefull list can be created by:
Get-WmiObject -Query "SELECT * FROM Win32_Share WHERE Name != 'ADMIN$' AND Name != 'IPC$'"

I know it's not correct or nice to use "SELECT *...", but this is an quick and dirty example.

The WMI class definition can be browsed in WMI CIM Studio, that can be downloaded from Microsoft.
Please use your preferred internet search site to get the current URI.


Restore Workshop draft

Some day - no, week(-end) - I would like to gather some comrades in arms - SQL Server naturally! - and do a workshop on SQL Server database restore.
The initial list of subjects is like this:
  • Restore on full backup
  • Restore on log backup
  • Restore on differential backup
  • Restore point-in-time
  • Restore online
  • Restore Full-Text index
  • Restore Filestream
  • All above on both single and multiple filegroups
  • Restore msdb
  • Restore master
  • Rebuild database instance
  • Rebuild Windows Server
  • Discuss how to get, store and access the actual version of operating system, applications, .NET, MDAC etc.
  • Switch center using clustering, database mirroring and log shipping
  • Validate backup - discuss how to do this automatic
  • Discuss device file versus backup files
  • Recover using snapshot
  • Discuss documentation like how, where, what, tools, access and maintenance
  • Discuss security about backup sets and snapshots and access to these
  • A general discussion about SQL Server infrastructure from the viewpoint of recovery and restore
I would like the workshop to be held every year. The participants should be grouped in teams of two or three persons, not more or less.
Each group should have one workstation and three servers - virtual servers could do, but there should be enough disk capacity to create several partitions for each server.
The workshop should be placed away from a major city, so that the participants are not tempted to drop in and out... Of course the food and the housing should support the process and the good spirit.
The seats should be distributed to persons that did not participate before those did the subjects last year.

I think it could be fun and most enlightening!

Paul Randal has made list of good questions to ask yourself - „SQLskills SQL101: Practicing disaster recovery


2008-09-15 Post created on old notes.
2017-07-18 Reference to Paul Randal added.