DBA Litterature

This list of DBA litterature for SQL Server is not ordered.

Craig S. Mullins: "Database Administration - The Complete Guide to DBA Practices and Procedures", 2nd Edition
(2012, Addison Wesley)

C.J. Date: "An Introduction to Database Systems", 8th Edition

C.J. Date: "Database in Depth: Relational Theory for Practitioners"

C.J. Date: "The Database Relational Model: A Retrospective Review and Analysis: A Retrospective Review and Analysis"

Joe Celko: "Thinking in Sets"
(Morgan Kaufmann)

Lex deHaan & Toon Koppelaars: "Applied Mathematics for Database Professionals"
(2007, apress)

Joe Celko: "SQL Programming Style"
(2005, Morgan Kaufmann)

Lee Gould, Kevin Kline & Andrew Zanevsky: "Transact-SQL Programming"
(1999, O'Reilly)
The book is elder but not outdated on the basics. It could be used as a intro in T-SQL to the more curious developer or junior DBA.

John L. Hennessy, David A. Patterson: "Computer Architecture"
About SAN, disks, memory, CPU etc.

Tapio Lahdenmaki et al: "Relational Database Index Design and the Optimizers"

Bill Karvin: "SQL Antipatterns"
(Pragmatic Bookshelf)

Mana Takahashi: "The Manga Guide to Databases"
(No Starch Press)


Steve McConnell: Code Complete, 2nd Edition
(2004, Microsoft Press)
This book is actually written for developers, but contain so many gold nuggets for Database Administrators. Personally I think the book should be mandatory reading - several times - to anybody working with IT development.

Jeffrey E. F. Friedl: "Mastering Regular Expressions", 2nd Edition
(2002, O'Reilly)
Deep book on regular expressions. Covers several environments and programming languages. Very good.

Eric T. Freeman et al: "Head First Design Patterns"

Microsoft WIN32 Developer’s Reference Library
(ISBN 0–7356–0816–4)
The Win32 technology is by many seen as obsolete with .NET, but still there are many Win32 components inside and around SQL Server.

COM+ Developer’s Reference Library
(ISBN 0–7356–1138–6)
There is still a lot of COM, COM+ and DCOM in and around SQL Server. This book is highly relevant to the experienced System-DBA.

Operating System

Hewardt, Mario: "Advanced Windows Debugging: Developing and Administering Reliable, Robust, and Secure Software"

Brian Svidergol et al: "Mastering Windows Server 2016"
(2018, Sybex)

Orin Thomas: "Windows Server 2016 Inside Out"
(2017, Microsoft Press)

Andrew Warren: "MCSA Windows Server 2016 Exam Ref"
(2017, Microsoft Press)
Three-pack bundle including materials for the exams 70-740, 70-741 and 70-742.

Mark Minasi et al: "Mastering Windows Server 2012 R2"

William R. Stanek: "Inside Out - Windows Server 2012 R2 Configuration, Storage, & Essentials"
(Microsoft Press)

IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure is not a primary responsibility to a DBA. But a DBA must know the IT infrastructure. And to a System DBA it is rather important to be a integrated part of the IT infrastructure architecture and administration.

Mark Burgess: Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)
(Google; landing.google.com/sre/)


This section is added as I as a (Database) Administrator often is involved in method discussions. Recently more and more on the DevOps terms.

Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, George Spafford: "The Phoenix Project"
(IT Revolution Press)

Jez Humble, Davis Farley: "Continous Delivery"
(Addison Wesley)