ATI Driver on Windows 7

I did not downloaded a driver for my ATI 4850 card when I installed Windows 7 (x64) as the installation found the card and installed a suitable driver. But inspired by a colleague I took a look at the installed driver version, which were 8.6 while the the ATI driver site gives version 10.6 on the latest driver suite.
I downloaded the full Catalyst Software Suite, but made a custom installation where I unselected "The Lord of the Rings free trial", "HDMI/DP Audio driver" and "Communication Opt-In".
After installation the driver version is 8.7. Not a major leap in driver version, but the date of the driver is now 2010-05-27 instead of 2009-08-17.
At the end of the day I have learned that I can not trust Microsoft to update my drivers, even the hardware have been identified correct by the installation.
By the way - I can not feel any difference...