Executing a remote HTA file

By default it is not possible to execute a HTML Application (HTA) file placed remote like in a fileserver share.
When a colleague has created a silver bullet HTA file it is tempting to copy the file to a local disk. But then I miss when great new stuff is added :-(

This can be solved by two extra files: A Windows Shell (cmd) file placed together with the HTA file and a local shortcut for the cmd file.

The cmd file only needs three lines:
COPY /Y \\SANDBOX\SQLAdmin\SilverBullet.hta %TEMP%\SilverBullet.hta

START /WAIT mshta.exe %TEMP%\SilverBullet.hta

DEL %TEMP%\SilverBullet.hta

<2008-10-27>Dennis is absolutely right about the DEL statement, which is now corrected.</2008-10-27>

The usage of the environmental variable %TEMP% makes the cmd file usefull also for users that are not local administrator on the workstation.

The shortcut can also be placed together with the HTA file, so changes from default settings can be shared. For example the execution can be set to a minimized window so that the cmd.exe window does not show on the users desktop.

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Dennis from HtmlApp.com said...

I think there is an assumption about current directory which needs to be made explicit.

I would add the two lines:

cd %temp%

and then the further path info is not needed. In any case the line

DEL C:\SilverBullet.hta

looks wrong. If anything, it should be

DEL %temp%\SilverBullet.hta

Dennis Reinhardt,