Failed:(0) Alter failed for Server 'abc\\def'

A maintenance plan created with the wizard failed in a Check Database Integrity task with the message in the log file:
Failed:(0) Alter failed for Server 'abc\\def'.
The SQL Server instance is 2008 SP1 (10.0.2531).

Several writings like the Connect case 126163 is talking about Allow Updates, but setting the I/O affinity to all solved the issue.
The solution is in a discussion on SQL Developer Center.

Unfortunately is the root cause unknown.



I have the same problem. Restarted the maintenacne plan and ran to good EOJ. The post you referred to discusses the problem with SQL Server 2005.

H. Ross Reed Sr DBA OCC

Niels Grove-Rasmussen said...

The problem just came up on another server. This time on a SQL Server 2008 Std. Ed. (x64) installation.
Again setting the I/O affinity to all (auto) solves the problem.

Aneesh said...

If you set a value greater than 60 for 'recovery interval', it throws the same error