Looking at PowerShell exception handling

With PowerShell v2 we were given a more complete exception handling than the trap-handling in PowerShell v1.
This is a quick spike on throwing an exception, catching it and looking at the $Error variable.
Feel free to continue :-)


try {
  #throw "MyException"
  #throw [System.DivideByZeroException]
  #throw [IO.PathTooLongException]
  throw [System.Data.NoNullAllowedException]
catch {
finally {
  ":: Final"

if ($Error) {
  "{0:s}  Error in script execution. See log for details." -f $([System.DateTime]::Now)

The output of the script above is
Category   : OperationStopped
Activity   : 
Reason     : RuntimeException
TargetName : System.Data.NoNullAllowedException
TargetType : RuntimeType

:: Final
2012-01-02T22:15:20  Error in script execution. See log for details.

More details and links is in the article "Windows PowerShell Error Records" on MSDN Windows Dev Center.
Please notice that the returned objects are not of the System.Exception class but of the ErrorRecord class.

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