PowerShell script configuration file

I have some PowerShell scripts that I execute in various landscapes that are not connected. To control different values for the same configuration parameters I put them in a configuration file. Then I can create different configuration files for the landscapes, and have the same script file for all landscapes. This makes it more easy to manage and maintain.
I try to keep the structure of the configuration file as simple as possible, and then add the "smart" features to the general script file.
There are several solutions to the structure of a configuration file. Actually I think that there is at least one solution per product.

After looking around and trying some ideas I went back to PowerShell and looked at how it can get values from files.
There are two ways to export data from PowerShell to a file:
  1. Export-Csv
  2. Export-Clixml
The first cmdlet creates a simple text file where the second cmdlet generates a more complex XML file. I prefer the simple solution that creates a file like this:

The cmdlet Import-Csv is used to read the data from the file into a custom object.
$SQLAdmin = Import-Csv -LiteralPath 'D:\_temp\SQLAdmin.csv'
When the custom object is created it can be expanded with new properties:
$SQLAdmin | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name 3rdValue -Value "$($SQLAdmin.FirstValue) : $($SQLAdmin.SecondValue)"
When the data is in the script, it is rather easy to work with them like any other PowerShell object.

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